F-56 CX3 HP 4.9 CONNECTOR (10pcs)

Cabelcon /99909041-01 is now offering CX3 HP, a more competitive solution with superb electrical and mechanical characteristics as the original CX3. CX3 HP is a true Cabelcon quality product, featuring all the well-known Cabelcon CX3 performance capabilities. The only difference is that the brass shell is replaced by a UV stabilised High Tech Polymer solution supported by a brass ring at the end - still keeping it very strong and resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The brass sleeve and the nut is of course Nitin-6™ plated. Use the CX3 HP for CATV, satellite LNB’s, receivers, cable modems, set top boxes and all other applications where you are using the original CX3.

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F-56 CX3 HP 4.9 CONNECTOR (10pcs)

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  • النوع : F-56 CX3 HP 4.9 CONNECTOR (10pcs)
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