VU PLUS pvr kit for vuplus Zero 4k for hard disk drive VU PLUS pvr kit for vuplus..
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Wechip W2 Pro Air Mouse Senza Fili 2.4g 6 Axis Gyros TouchPad Anti-Lost Function Fly Air Mo..
150.00 ريال
4in/1out DiSEqC 2.0 switch for up to 4 satellite positions and 1 subscriber. It is designed..
75.00 ريال
98028805-01 Mounting AND support tool for F connectors ..
90.00 ريال
98029072-01 CX3 E, F, IEC and BNC compression connectors - RG59, 6, 7, 11 and Mini ..
300.00 ريال
CX3 connectors - RG59/6 sizes - for BNC and Mini ..
170.00 ريال
CX3 connectors - RG59/6 sizes - for F and IEC and Mini ..
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F-56 CX3 HP 4.9 CONNECTOR (10pcs) غير متوفر
Cabelcon /99909041-01 is now offering CX3 HP, a more competitive solution with superb elect..
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(IDLP-OCT410-PREMU-OPN) This LNB provides ultra low noise plus optimized reception capabili..
210.00 ريال
(IDLT-QDL412-ULTRA-OPN) This LNB provides higher conversion gain yet with ULN+ the lowest n..
165.00 ريال
 Oasis - Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV & PC -31 %
*TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER 2-IN-1: One adapter to use as either transmitter or receiver, with the..
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DM TWO UHD 2-DVBS2X MS Bluetooth -5 % غير متوفر
Dreambox Two Ultra HD BT 2x DVB-S2X Multistream Tuner 4K 2160p E2 Linux Dual Wifi H.265 HEVCDream Mu..
2,050.00 ريال 1,950.00 ريال
DREAMBOX 520 -43 %
Dreambox OSDreambox API2000DMIPS processorHDMI 1.4aMPEG-2 / H.264 decoderH.265 decoder (Full-HD)Smar..
700.00 ريال 399.00 ريال
Dreamtv Mini UHD -12 %
The DreamTV Mini UltraHD media player is Android 9.0 based. This player has a powerfull 4 Core CPU a..
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VU+ Duo4K SE 2-DVBS2X MS FBC -8 %
Key Features:Very fast switching timesWebKit browserChromium OSDual HD transcodingHbbTVHDMI 2.0 outp..
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